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Tooth Whitening


LED Activated Home Kit

Professional LED Light Activated Whitening, Visible results in just 20 Minutes. Results may vary from patient to patient depending the hue of their teeth. Have one of our dental professionals see if you are a candidate. 6 months aftercare included, Sensitivity-free, enamel safe. Professional strength Xyliprox™ gel and light (20%CP + 4%HP). The same gel and light used by your dentist.

Spa Dent allows your teeth to be as white as your teeth allow it. Whether you perform the whitening in-home using the Home Kit or through your local dental clinic, we are thrilled to be apart of this journey to a brighter smile.

Tooth whitening is a procedure that can lighten the shade of your teeth and remove stain or discoloration caused by aging, medications, tobacco, coffee, and tea. Tooth whitening will not last forever, so the procedure will have to be repeated on a regular basis.

We charge $100 for the Spa Dent take home kit


For in-home whitening, we will take an impression of your teeth and then make custom mouthpieces (trays) to fit your teeth. The dentist will give you a supply of bleaching gel (usually containing hydrogen peroxide) that is applied to the tray and then you will be instructed to wear the tray for a certain amount of time. Care should be taken to use only the prescribed amount of whitening gel as excess material can contact your gums and cause irritation.

Both in-home and in-office bleaching can cause increased tooth sensitivity in some people. This is a normal side effect and usually subsides a few days after the whitening treatments have been completed.

Please note: Whitening procedures should be avoided if you are pregnant. As well, not everyone is a good candidate for tooth whitening procedures due to a number of factors, including genetics and the current state of dental health (for example, it is not recommended to do whitening procedures if any cavities are present). To determine if you're a good candidate for tooth whitening, please book a consultation with one of our dentists.

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