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TMD/ Bruxism Night Guards

Bruxism is a term which refers to the involuntary clenching and grinding of teeth, mostly occurring during sleep and often resulting in teeth becoming worn down and damaged.

TMD stands for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, and typically this disorder presents in pain in the areas of the joints holding the upper and lower jaw together, which may result in difficulty for the patient in moving the jaw.

Causes of TMD include excessive stress (causing the facial and jaw muscles to clench involuntarily), grinding and clenching of teeth which puts pressure on the joint, and injuries to the jaw, joint, of muscles of the head and neck (such as might occur through a motor vehicle accident).

Treatment options can include using a custom mouth guard at night to control involuntary clenching and grinding during sleep, dental work to ensure that your bite alignment is correct, or Botox treatment. These treatment options can be helpful in alleviating headaches as well.

In severe cases, a consultation with a TMD specialist may be required to explore other treatment options.

TMD Bruxism Night Guard

dentalFX in West Edmonton Mall provides professional, custom dental night guards to treat both bruxism and TMD disorders; contact us to schedule a consultation appointment.